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Teroid Data Filter.NET control that will allow users to set filter criteria and sort order for ADO data

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filter |.Net control |.net |set filter |data filter |  
HS XMODEM C Source LibraryHS XMODEM provides support for XMODEM protocol data transfer capability

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transfer |file sender |transferer |HS removal |hs |data transfer |  
Hylafx.DLLHylafx.DLLg gives an opportunity of sending of facsimile messages from your appendices

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Library |Component |DLL |SFDC Opportunity |opportunity |  
PowUploadHTTP file upload component for ASP.NET that enables uploading files on a server

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Component |progress indicator |Upload |upload component |  
Image2PDF Add-onImage2PDF Add-on - is a library that helps you convert images to PDF using PDF Creator Pilot

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convert image |Library |Image2PDF |add-on |PDF library |  
Delphi ZIP Component ZipForgeZipForge is an advanced Delphi ZIP component, written completely in Delphi. ZipForge features include SFX archives support, AES encryption, Zip64, splitting and multi-spanning support. Full source cod

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sfx |personal sfx |sfx zip |Encryption Component |.sfx |  
CompressionMaster SuiteZip, strong encryption and streaming compression libraries.

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zip |encrypt |Encryption |Delphi |strong |strong encryption |  
FlexCompressA high-speed file compression library with flexible compression and strong encryption algorithms

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Library |compression |Encryption |library for Delphi |  
HsCipherSDK Encryption LibraryHsCipherSDK Encryption Library - is an Encryption Library that provides an API to a suite of symmetric cryptographic algorithms

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PDF Page Counter COM ComponentWill quickly tell you how many pages are in a pdf file without the need for Acrobat.

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PDF |page |Count |page counter |  

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